Why would you do such a thing…

I mentioned that I had started this blog to somebody I know and her reaction was “Why? Why would you do that, and with pictures?” Thanks, friend. Ignoring  the implication that I”m a hideous freak of nature who should not inflict myself upon the world, I thought about it for a bit, and this is what I came up with.

1. It holds me a little more accountable than if I just had all this information in a folder on my desktop.  If I don’t update that, the only person who will ever know is me. In fact, the only person who will even know I’m trying to change my life is me.

By putting it online, it’s out there for the world to see. Anyone can stumble across it and see if I’ve kept up with this and made any progress or whether I started in mid-December and gave up by mid-January.  And sure, nobody’s looking yet, and chances are I won’t know anybody who does, but I kind of feel like I’ve failed at enough things in my life that I don’t want anybody to see me fail at this one.

2.  I’ve been around the online health/fitness communities. I’ve been to SparkPeople.  I’ve been to PeerTrainer. I’ve looked around YouTube.  I didn’t really find people like me.

I found a lot of people who wanted to lose 10 to 30 pounds and were at varying stages of fitness — and while I don’t want to diminish their struggles, goals or efforts — it kind of got to the point where I’d see a picture or read the weight of somebody who said they were just so FAT and the first thing that would come to my mind was something like “My god. I must look like conjoined twin whales to you people.”

And if I did find other obese people on the Internet, invariably they were going on about how they’re going to get this surgery or that surgery or they’re committing to this fad diet or that fad diet or have started practically living at the gym.

Those are extremes I don’t want to take.  I think a lot of people trying to lose weight don’t  want to take them, and I don’t think they’re a necessary evil for combating obesity.

I said in my intro post that I’m about small, sustainable changes and the slow burn over the long term, and if this blog can be a voice or a friend or a hope or whatever to anybody else trying to do the same thing, then it’s all worth it.

3. I think its time we stopped being ashamed of ourselves.  It’s way easier said than done — I don’t really get out because I’m self-conscious that people will only ever see my size and not my person and as you can tell from my stats post, I’ve blacked out my face — but like everything else, it’s a step.


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