I got up yesterday, my room was bugfree. I had a glass of orange juice, went to work and came home to Antfest 09. Unfortunately, it was one in the morning and I was tired, so I just looked around for where they might hae been coming from, sprayed liberally with Raid and then locked myself and my cat out of the room and slept on the couch.

It looks like between the trip home and the flu I probably won’t meet my December goal of having the whole apartment spic and span by Jan. 1, but this new development has definitely sped of the process, so I’ll be closer.


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One Response to “Ants!”

  1. Ann-Marie Sloan Says:

    Hey. I read your comment at Joe M. blog and I agree. So much negativity towards SGU. I have loved the show from Day 1 (that is the day they started talking about doing SGU). Thankfully on GateWorld the heads of the forum have bascically put a foot down. And said any major negativie comments (for example threats towards cast and or crew) will be cause for explosion from the group.

    Just wanted to let you know I agree with your comments!!


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