January Stats

Weight: 237 (-1.5)
Bust: 47.5 inches (-.5)
Waist: 51.75 inches (-1.25)
54 inches (+.5)
Arm (left):
12.5 inches (+.5)
Thigh (left): 24.5 inches (no change)

I elected not to do the photos, because there’s clearly not going to be any visible change with those numbers.  So, I’m going to continue monthly stats updates like this, including the change from the previous month, but every quarter (March, June, September, December) I’m going to do the photo update and include change from the baseline stats.

For this month, I have to wonder about some of those numbers.  I think some of the change probably comes from a discrepancy in where the tape meaure was. So, for now, I’m considering waist to be at the underwear line (just under my first big fat roll, blech) .

I’m actually kind of surprised I didn’t have more pluses in the change box. I didn’t really add any exercise beyond sporadic Wii use and uber shopping in December, and I kind of feel like I mostly ate my way through the month.

Next up: An overview of December’s goals and new goals for January.



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