WiiFit 10-Week Challenge

As my time with Wii and WiiFit (henceforth known as Ziggy, because Nintendo always reminds of cute candy-colored things, I’m a Quantum Leap fan and Ziggy was a cute, candy-colored thing) became more regular and I realized I was on track to use it every day for an entire week, I decided to embark upon a WiiFit 10-Week challenge.

My challenge is to use it every day for 10 weeks and to do a My Routine for at least three days each week. My goal is to be below 230 pounds at the end, June 18.

I’m not going to set any workout specifics beyond doing the MyRoutine, so if I want to spend the bulk of my exercise one day juggling and head-butting soccer balls, I can do that, guilt-free, as long as I get my three MyRoutines in.

What I’m going to do now is divide the rest of this post into sections. The first is going to be about MyRoutine,  others will be about the other sections of the game, what I like about them, what I don’t, etc. and lastly I’ll do a breakdown of my week. So, let’s go.

I built a 14-minute Yoga routine, because I figured that would be the thing I could do for 14 minutes at this stage.  It looks like this:


As you can probably tell, I like the Warrior Pose. It’s the only one I feel like I’m really good at.  I also really like the Tree Pose, but it’s hard, and I can’t get my folded leg to my thigh. I settle for the knee. I’m not crazy at all about the Half-Moon. For me, it feels less like I’m working my sides, and more like I’m fighting gravity to keep my arms in the air.  But I’m going to keep doing it, because that seems like the thing to do (and it’s got to get better at some point!)

I did it for three days in a row this week (4/13-4/15), which is why I decided to set my challenge at three days.

I’m going to try to do a few other yoga things and make changes to MyRoutine at the start of each week. For instance, much as I like Warrior Pose, it gets a little boring, so I think for Week 2 I’m going to replace the third Warrior with a second Tree and find something to add so I have an even 15 minute workout (or maybe just add a tree in between the two warriors.)

By far, my favorite thing is the single leg extensions. I don’t have the greatest balance one-legged, but I’m not horrible at them, and they’re fun. I tried the Pushup with Side Plank once before remembering I can’t do pushups. Then I tried just holding the Up position and switching to the Side Plank. I was able to do the right side once, but not the left. Oddly, on Tree and Leg Extensions, I generally do better with my left leg than the right.

Twists are good and lunges are okay, but I really have to concentrate on them, otherwise I end up not bending my back leg.  That’s probably not a good thing. I also tried the Rowing Squat today. Did not like it at all. I guess I must not be doing something right, because I don’t know how one would keep the balance where it says its supposed to be, and also it really stretches my usually kind of tight Achilles tendons…and I don’t know if it’s supposed to be doing that.

I spend most of my Balance Game time doing the Ski Slalom, Ski Jump and Soccer Hits.  I’ve tried the tight rope, but I’m just not good at walking in place. I also like the bubble float thing, but it’s hard for me.

I am in love with Skateboard Arena. It’s so fun, but murder on your calves. I’ve started playing advanced mode, and I can’t seem to get past the seventh round, though. Actually, I’ve only made it to the seventh road once.

I also like the Snowball Fight, Juggling, Bike Ride and Kung Fu. I just really can’t get into any of the running games. If I wanted to run, I’d go outside and actually run. The biking is different because I can turn and go wherever I want (instead of being locked on a route) and I can jump off things at great height, which is something I could, under no circumstances, do for real.

I don’t actually do much here. This may actually be where the Kung Fu is, I don’t remember. I just don’t feel coordinated enough to do any of the step things, and I’ve already had my say about the running. I’m going to try to incorporate *something* from this category a little more often, though.

Week 1 Breakdown
Time is measured in a bar graph, and it’s easy to see minutes per day, but it’s less easy to get an exact breakdown of how much time was spent in each category. So, what I’m going to do is list the day and minutes and then in parenthesis the categories from largest chunk to smallest, and that will just have to be close enough:

Day 1 (4/9): 10 minutes (Fit!plus, strength, balance)
Day 2: 23 minutes (Plus, balance, yoga, strength)
Day 3: 31 minutes (plus, balance, yoga, strength)
Day 4: 7 minutes (plus)
Day 5: 18 minutes (yoga, balance)
Day 6:  35 minutes (yoga, plus, balance, strength)
Day 7 (4/15): 74 minutes (plus, yoga, balance, strength, aerobic)

Total minutes: 198 (3.3 hours)

My Weight
When I first got the WiiFit in December 09 I weighed (according to it) about 242. During the month, I appeared to drop down to 236-7, but some of that was probably inconsistant clothes factoring. Then I pretty much didn’t use it in January, and when I came pack in February I was about 241. I dropped down to 234. Then I didn’t use it all in March, and when I came back in April I was back up to 241.

During the month so far I’ve jumped up to 244 (like in a day, so I think it was probably *mostly* timing and clothes).

For most of this week, I’ve hovered around 241, but clocked in today at 239. So, let this be a lesson to not take a month off.

So, to make my goal, I’ve got 10 pounds to lose in 10 weeks. That should be doable.


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