Wii Challenge: Week Two (4.16 – 4.22)

Today I finished up Week Two of the 10-week Wii Fit challenge with a whoppnig six minutes of exercise!  Sucks, but what can you do when you’re going to work early and staying late.  Same as last week, I’ll break things down by game category then do a minutes and weight breakdown for the week.

For the bulk of the week, MyRoutine looked like this:

Deep Breathing
Sun Salutation
Deep Breathing

MyRoutine went through some changes. I had three warrior poses in week one, but for week two I started by changing one warrior pose to a second tree and adding a Sun Salutation, upping my time to 16 minutes from 14. But I’ve had weird balance issues all week and it was just really discouraging, so I dropped the extra tree pose. Then I found myself getting really bored with Warrior, so I dropped the second one of those, which brought my time down to 12 minutes and creates a workout that barely makes me break a sweat.  That’s bad, I know, but considering the week I”ve had, I don’t feel too bad about it. Hoping next week is better.  I may put some leg extensions in.

Strength Training
I still haven’t moved beyond  single-leg extensions and torso twists, but I seem to be getting marginally better at them.

I’ve picked up a fondness for Rhythm Boxing. The Hula Hoop challenges are okay, but I can’t quite get over how ridiculous I feel doing them.  I’m thinking, because I still don’t like the running, I may see about trying to do one of those challenges from my stationary bike. I suspect it would just read as me running too fast and making my Mii fall down, but who knows. I tried a running thing this week just to say I did, but I hated it so much that I stopped after about a minute and finished the race by waving my arm up and down.  It’s just so boring!

Soccer Balls and Ski Slalom are still where most of my time here is being spent. Sometimes I’ll do the ski jump and I’m rediscovering table tilt and Balance Bubble, though.

Training Plus
I’ve sarted doing Perfect Ten, the one where you have to bang the numbers with your hips to add up to 10, and I’m sad to say I do pretty horrible at it. I just sort of lose my brain entirely.  Rhythm Kung Fu, Snowball Fight and Skateboard Arena are still my favorites, but man, SA wears me out. My poor, poor calves.

Week 2 Breakdown
In parenthesis, I’ve listed categories by time spent from highest to lowest, measured as best I can by a crappy bar graph. Asterisks indicate a day I did MyRoutine, where my goal is three times per week:

Day 1: 21 minutes (Yoga, Plus)*
Day 2: 6 minutes (Plus)
Day 3: 31 minutes (Yoga, Plus, Aerobics, Strength, Balance)*
Day 4: 34 minutes (Yoga, Plus, Balance, Aerobics)*
Day 5: 40 minutes (Plus, Yoga, Aerobics)*
Day 6: 31 minutes (Yoga, Plus, Strength, Balance)*
Day 7: 6 minutes (Balance)

Total Minutes: 169 minutes (2.8 hours),  -29 minutes from Week 1

Weight started at 237 on 4.16 and peaked at 242.1 on 4.19. Has been on steady decline since, ending at 239.9.  It’s been at or below the base line set when I first got the machine most of the week.  But it’s been close, and I’ll be comfortable when it’s farther below.



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