Wii Fit Challenge: Week Three (4.23 – 4.29)

I’m a little slow on the updating because last week was damn busy. Two 12-hour days in a row at work, each preceded and followed by one or more full workday and I’ve barely felt like using the system, much less paying attention to the stats.

So, yeah. My minutes will be crap for that week, they’re not looking much better for Week 4 (not helped by my 4 day fast-food pig out) and in Week 5 I’ll be out of town at a wedding for three days. So I really need to be stepping up my efforts for what’s left of Week 4 and beyond.

But because last week was so crappy and so far back, I’m going to skip the usual breakdowns by category, simply because I just really wasn’t doing much of anything I hadn’t done before and nothing was done in abundance.

No change from Week Two

Week 3 Breakdown:
Day 1: 5 minutes (Yoga, Balance, Plus)
Day 2: 15 minutes (Yoga, Balance)*
Day 3:  21 minutes (Yoga, aerobics)*
Day 4: 20 minutes (Yoga, fit, balance)*
Day 5: 31 minutes (Plus, strength, balance)
Day 6: 9 minutes (Plus, Strength)
Day 7:  2o minutes (Plus)

Total:  121 minutes (2 hours, 1 minute)

My weight actually did pretty good, all things considered. Started the week at 238.8 and had some ups and downs to close at 235.7.
Since then I’ve had some more ups and downs and am back to 238.1, but I think I’ll consider it good if my weight the week I’m on never exceeds my weight at the beginning of the week before.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back Friday for the Week 4 update (hopefully with better results, but I wouldn’t count on it).


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