Well, my Wii Fit challenge was going great until it wasn’t. I lasted about five weeks, sometimes popping on just long enough for a body test and snowball fight, other times clocking 45 minutes to an hour plus time on the stationary bike.

But then I left town for a few days in May and then it all went to hell. Now we’re coming up on the tail end of July and I’ve done absolutely nothing of real value. And I’m feeling it now, with my inability to get up in the morning (I swear it takes at least 5 ‘snoozes’ before I’m actually up) and the way my knees are killing me.

It’s really kind of depressing, not just because of what it is (though, that’s the brunt) but lately it seems like everybody at the office is on some sort of food plan this or fitness plan that and are dropping weight like nothing, and I just really feel like Fatty McFatperson over here.

And in despicable news, I’ve caught myself watching them and thinking — even wishing — that they’ll fail so that I’m not all alone. I mean, one guy eats a can of tuna and a can of green beans every night for dinner.  That’s not sustainable, but wishing failure on somebody is just mean.

So, clearly, I need to get my head on straight, get my apartment cleaned up and get back in the game.


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