Not sure where my focus went, but it’s back

I sent out a search party for my focus in July, but the damn thing couldn’t be found. Fortunately it ambled back into my head a few days ago and I’m ready to try to make this thing work again.

I haven’t done a stats update (restart?) and I may not for a couple days, because there are just more pressing matters to attend to. Namely, my apartment. It’s a complete hole and the Wii that I disconnected to my parents’  house during a summer break hasn’t been reconnected since I got back.  And I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’re a handful of weeks away from a new year, so it’s been awhie.

Also fortunately for me, after a 7-day workweek, I’ve got a glorious three days off. By the end of it, my goal is to have my apartment cleaned (refrigerator cleaned out and re-stocked, dishes done, stove cleaned, shower, EVERYTHING) and the Wii reconnected.

And that’s it. My place is pretty small, and I know that if I buckle down I could do it in a day (maybe a day and a half), but if I want to spread it out over three days, that’s fine, too. But it needs to be done by midnight Friday.

We’ll talk food and fitness when that’s done.


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