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Tasty lunch

January 18, 2010

Though eating better hasn’t been a specific “I will do such and such” goal so far this year, I am trying to make a habit of not being a carnivorous pig with a sweet tooth.

But I’m also not really cooking much yet because my kitchen is verging on useless and I hate doing dishes. So, I’ve been exhausting my overpriced frozen food options, and have hit on a good one, I think.

Morning Star makes a vegetarian barbecue riblet that is pretty tasty. It actually kind of reminds me of the riblets they used to serve in the lunch line at grade school, middle school and high school.

Slap that puppy between two slices of whole wheat bread and add a single-serving bag of Sun Chips and you’ve got yourself a meatless meal. And to calm my sweet tooth I added 2 Keebler Soft-Batch chocoloate chip cookies.

It was all very good, but I think I have a cavity. Boo. Guess I should have been drinking milk instead of Diet Coke…