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Not sure where my focus went, but it’s back

December 1, 2010

I sent out a search party for my focus in July, but the damn thing couldn’t be found. Fortunately it ambled back into my head a few days ago and I’m ready to try to make this thing work again.

I haven’t done a stats update (restart?) and I may not for a couple days, because there are just more pressing matters to attend to. Namely, my apartment. It’s a complete hole and the Wii that I disconnected to my parents’  house during a summer break hasn’t been reconnected since I got back.  And I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’re a handful of weeks away from a new year, so it’s been awhie.

Also fortunately for me, after a 7-day workweek, I’ve got a glorious three days off. By the end of it, my goal is to have my apartment cleaned (refrigerator cleaned out and re-stocked, dishes done, stove cleaned, shower, EVERYTHING) and the Wii reconnected.

And that’s it. My place is pretty small, and I know that if I buckle down I could do it in a day (maybe a day and a half), but if I want to spread it out over three days, that’s fine, too. But it needs to be done by midnight Friday.

We’ll talk food and fitness when that’s done.



July 22, 2010

Well, my Wii Fit challenge was going great until it wasn’t. I lasted about five weeks, sometimes popping on just long enough for a body test and snowball fight, other times clocking 45 minutes to an hour plus time on the stationary bike.

But then I left town for a few days in May and then it all went to hell. Now we’re coming up on the tail end of July and I’ve done absolutely nothing of real value. And I’m feeling it now, with my inability to get up in the morning (I swear it takes at least 5 ‘snoozes’ before I’m actually up) and the way my knees are killing me.

It’s really kind of depressing, not just because of what it is (though, that’s the brunt) but lately it seems like everybody at the office is on some sort of food plan this or fitness plan that and are dropping weight like nothing, and I just really feel like Fatty McFatperson over here.

And in despicable news, I’ve caught myself watching them and thinking — even wishing — that they’ll fail so that I’m not all alone. I mean, one guy eats a can of tuna and a can of green beans every night for dinner.  That’s not sustainable, but wishing failure on somebody is just mean.

So, clearly, I need to get my head on straight, get my apartment cleaned up and get back in the game.

Wii Fit Challenge: Week Three (4.23 – 4.29)

May 4, 2010

I’m a little slow on the updating because last week was damn busy. Two 12-hour days in a row at work, each preceded and followed by one or more full workday and I’ve barely felt like using the system, much less paying attention to the stats.

So, yeah. My minutes will be crap for that week, they’re not looking much better for Week 4 (not helped by my 4 day fast-food pig out) and in Week 5 I’ll be out of town at a wedding for three days. So I really need to be stepping up my efforts for what’s left of Week 4 and beyond.

But because last week was so crappy and so far back, I’m going to skip the usual breakdowns by category, simply because I just really wasn’t doing much of anything I hadn’t done before and nothing was done in abundance.

No change from Week Two

Week 3 Breakdown:
Day 1: 5 minutes (Yoga, Balance, Plus)
Day 2: 15 minutes (Yoga, Balance)*
Day 3:  21 minutes (Yoga, aerobics)*
Day 4: 20 minutes (Yoga, fit, balance)*
Day 5: 31 minutes (Plus, strength, balance)
Day 6: 9 minutes (Plus, Strength)
Day 7:  2o minutes (Plus)

Total:  121 minutes (2 hours, 1 minute)

My weight actually did pretty good, all things considered. Started the week at 238.8 and had some ups and downs to close at 235.7.
Since then I’ve had some more ups and downs and am back to 238.1, but I think I’ll consider it good if my weight the week I’m on never exceeds my weight at the beginning of the week before.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back Friday for the Week 4 update (hopefully with better results, but I wouldn’t count on it).

Sometimes it sucks being a girl

April 18, 2010

Okay, I know the period can screw around with your weight, which is the only reason I’m not bursting into tears over the to complete reversal of my weight-related success, but does it also jack with your balance? Because while I still don’t expect to be actually good at the one-legged Wii exercises, I’ve never done quite so poorly on them as I have this week.  It’s really discouraging, and it was only  by pushing my force of will to its limits that I did not quite MyRoutine halfway through.

But after that I played some games, did some strength stuff — and even didn’t do horribly at aerobic boxing — and managed to get my time up past 30 minutes.

‘This isn’t gym class!’ … Oh, wait…

April 5, 2010

So, since I started this blog, I’ve pretty much just been failing left and right. Failing to eat better, failing to exercise, failing to update.

Well, in the last three weeks, I’ve been eating better. Buying food and, you know, cooking it. With pots and pans and casserole dishes. My goal starting with April is to limit my meals out to four a month. Once a week. Of course, the rest of this month might be kind of tough, since I blew through Chinese takeout Monday and had a craving for a Wendy’s bacon cheeseburger (very notably: NOT the baconator) Sunday.  But I think I’ll make it.

The next big thing is exercise. I’ve decided to take a little trip back to gym class. Despite always been overweight and nowhere near as fit/coordinated/whatever as large portions of my high school gym classes, I always liked gym. Sure, I generally hated the parts that were just running because I was always behind and dying, but after that, we played games and it was fun.

But more importantly, I liked the way I felt as the year went on. My sit-ups got higher, my pushups got better, I got significantly more bendy, and one of my greatest accomplishments that came near the end of my final year of taking gym was being able to jog an complete lap around the track. It was only a quarter mile and I was huffing and puffing by the time I was done with it, but it was the first time I hadn’t had to walk part of the first lap in my life. And it felt good.

I’m about 11 years removed from gym class and about 70 pounds heavier, and I’m not about to go running my ass around a track. But I AM going to try to get back in that model of exercising.

So, the plan is: every other day I’m going to stretch, do a series of sit-ups/crunches and try my damnedest to do some pushups (or, at the very least, hold myself in one of those positions and not my head for the amount of time it would take an actual fit person to do 10 pushups) and then hop on the bike. No, a quarter-mile on a stationary bike is absolutely nothing, so I think I’m going to go for a mile.

Really, a mile isn’t much of anything, either, but it’s all warm-up. Because after that comes the fun part. What was once a variety of team games that I wasn’t particularly good at but enjoyed anyway, will now become Wii!Fit games for at least 30 minutes.

The way I figure it, is that’s fun. It’s something I’ going to want to do, and the bit of actual exercise at the top has a component that I don’t necessarily have to measure, because it’ll be things for which I can FEEL improvement.  How’d those sit-ups go? Did I actually get any real push ups in that set? Did I keep an even speed on the bike, and how’d I feel at the end?

And, yes, I recognize that this is not a lot of exercise. But I lead a fairly sedentary life I need to start slow and build up.  So, while I’m planning to spend the better part of this month with my WiiTime being the myriad balance games and WiiFit Plus games, I’m going to try to use some of that time for the yoga and strength-training sorts of things. And in May, I may try to switch the frequency so I’m spending more time on the actual exercisey bits of WiiFit and less time on the little games.

Likewise, I’ll probably be upping my bike time as time goes on. I imagine it will be awhile before my sit-up and pushup regimen changes.

Because I am Marshmallow Fluff Girl.

January Goal and a Bit of the Blues

January 16, 2010

Two weeks in and all I can say is this has been one frustrating month. And I’m not even sure why, I’ve just been overcome with this general sense of stressy discontentment.

I guess deciding my apartment no longer fits my needs, realizing the new managers are verging on incompetent and beginning the arduous process of apartment hunting will do that.  But anyway. I met none of my December goals or challenges.

I would shift them over to being January goals and challenges, but given that I have to give my complex 60-days notice if I’m not renewing my lease, it’s imperative that I have a new place lined up by Jan. 31.

As such, my only goal is to find a new place to live.


December 28, 2009

I got up yesterday, my room was bugfree. I had a glass of orange juice, went to work and came home to Antfest 09. Unfortunately, it was one in the morning and I was tired, so I just looked around for where they might hae been coming from, sprayed liberally with Raid and then locked myself and my cat out of the room and slept on the couch.

It looks like between the trip home and the flu I probably won’t meet my December goal of having the whole apartment spic and span by Jan. 1, but this new development has definitely sped of the process, so I’ll be closer.

The Fat Girl and the Plane

December 27, 2009

I fly home to see my family for a week in the summer and a week in the winter.  I’ve made this trip 5 times for a total of 10 plane rides. I don’t usually have much of  a problem with planes. I’ve flown AirTran once and their seatbelts were a little snug and their seats a little narrow but they also have the distinction of being the only airline to have tray tables that actually go all the way down.

Delta, who I usually fly with, their tray tables get about a two-thirds of the way down before hitting the tops of my thighs and being useless.  But I’ve never had a problem with their seats. Until now.

I don’t know if it’s because I somehow found myself on  a leg of one of those weenie connector flights or if it was the food coma I seemed to eat my way into on a daily basis (in between loads of shopping) while at home or what, but this time I barely fit.

If I were a little less stubborn I might have asked for a belt extendor, but it’s amazing what being seated next to a scrawny thing of  a woman will do for the resolve.  I sucked in my gut and tugged on that belt until it felt like I was stretching the material with my own brute strength and it took a few tries, dammit, I got that mother buckled. *

The weird thing is once it was buckled, it was really comfortable. It was like the perfect length for the part of me it was covering.  So, when I got home, I sat down in an armless chair and tried to figure out where the discrepency between getting it fastened and wearing it came in, and I determined this:

It’s not that the belt didn’t fit, it’s just that I am so…thick, I guess, that I actually had to try to fasten it higher than it would normally sit because that’s where my arms would go.

In short, if I get any fatter, I essentially will be a like a T-Rex with my tiny useless arms.  If that’s not an inspiration, I don’t know what is.

Oh, and also? I brought the flu back with me.  I think it’s mostly cleared up now, but I’ve spent the last several days lying around like a lump.  But I’ve probably drank more water in the last two weeks than I’ve drank in the last 2 months, so that’s good I guess.

*Twice, actually, because shortly after I got buckled in, I realized that my cell phone was on in my bag overhead.  I would have just let it go but I couldn’t quite quell my fear of dying in a fiery crash because the $20 phone I got at Walmart flumoxed an airplane.

Why would you do such a thing…

December 13, 2009

I mentioned that I had started this blog to somebody I know and her reaction was “Why? Why would you do that, and with pictures?” Thanks, friend. Ignoring  the implication that I”m a hideous freak of nature who should not inflict myself upon the world, I thought about it for a bit, and this is what I came up with.

1. It holds me a little more accountable than if I just had all this information in a folder on my desktop.  If I don’t update that, the only person who will ever know is me. In fact, the only person who will even know I’m trying to change my life is me.

By putting it online, it’s out there for the world to see. Anyone can stumble across it and see if I’ve kept up with this and made any progress or whether I started in mid-December and gave up by mid-January.  And sure, nobody’s looking yet, and chances are I won’t know anybody who does, but I kind of feel like I’ve failed at enough things in my life that I don’t want anybody to see me fail at this one.

2.  I’ve been around the online health/fitness communities. I’ve been to SparkPeople.  I’ve been to PeerTrainer. I’ve looked around YouTube.  I didn’t really find people like me.

I found a lot of people who wanted to lose 10 to 30 pounds and were at varying stages of fitness — and while I don’t want to diminish their struggles, goals or efforts — it kind of got to the point where I’d see a picture or read the weight of somebody who said they were just so FAT and the first thing that would come to my mind was something like “My god. I must look like conjoined twin whales to you people.”

And if I did find other obese people on the Internet, invariably they were going on about how they’re going to get this surgery or that surgery or they’re committing to this fad diet or that fad diet or have started practically living at the gym.

Those are extremes I don’t want to take.  I think a lot of people trying to lose weight don’t  want to take them, and I don’t think they’re a necessary evil for combating obesity.

I said in my intro post that I’m about small, sustainable changes and the slow burn over the long term, and if this blog can be a voice or a friend or a hope or whatever to anybody else trying to do the same thing, then it’s all worth it.

3. I think its time we stopped being ashamed of ourselves.  It’s way easier said than done — I don’t really get out because I’m self-conscious that people will only ever see my size and not my person and as you can tell from my stats post, I’ve blacked out my face — but like everything else, it’s a step.

December Goals, Challenges

December 12, 2009

December’s about halfway over (and it’s December) and I’m traveling out of the state for a week, so I was hesitant to make any sort of fitness/exercise goal for the month.  So, instead I decided to put my focus on a different aspect of life — housework and organization.

I kind of feel like it’s really hard to get your life under control when your home isn’t under control. And my apartment? It’s a chaotic hole at the moment. I’ve been here two and a half years, and I’ve done spot-cleaning here and there, but I’ve never done a really deep get-it-all-done clean on it.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I still have a box or two that haven’t even been completely unpacked, I’ve just opened them up and strewn the contents about until I stumbled across whatever I was looking for.  Granted, I’m planning to move in a few months, so that may be a bit of a blessing, but still.

And it’s not even that my apartment is that big, I’m just lazy. And I get distracted easily. In typing that last sentence, the J key got stuck. After I panicked, I fixed it, and then it became vitally important to slide notebook paper around all the keys and shake the keyboard around (this is what you do when you don’t have cans of air, apparently) in a vain attempt to get all manner of grossness out.  And it was gross.   Soooo much hair.  I’m telling you, if I weren’t afraid I would somehow bring about the end of the world, I would take that thing completely apart and go at it with a vacuum or something.  Well, that and I tried to take it apart once. Got all the screws out, but for some reason…it’s still very much together.

See what I mean about getting distracted? It’s like “post post post KEYBOARD! blah blah blah blah blah…oh, yeah. Post.”

So, my goal for the month is to get this place spic and span from top to bottom.  And since cleaning is one of those areas where baby steps aren’t entirely helpful, my challenge is going to be to pick one day — let’s say my first day off after Christmas — and in that day, I am going to wash every dish in the place. Put simply:

Goal: Clean apartment
Challenge: Day of Dishes